The following mp3 tracks are a few of my compositions from my years as a professional musician as well as more recently while noodling around in my attic studio. The common thread is that all tracks are instrumental* compositions performed and recorded using my Yamaha CP33 midi keyboard/piano and Logi Pro 9 software.

In my never-satisfied manner, I still think of these as musical sketches that still need to be perfected, mixed better, or redone all together. However, life is short and I finally decided to at least have these sketches accessible from somewhere else besides the headphones of my iPhone.

Each sketch tries to capture the essence of a melodic idea baked with the alchemy of improvisation. The earlier sketches (copyright in the 1980's), are from the playbook of my Colorado days with the group INROADS. The later sketches are usually made up of minimal live takes overlaying a basic groove or rhythm track. Hope you enjoy.

*Eyes is a composition that I recorded live with my daughter when she was 10 years old. She would sometimes make up songs and sing along with me as I played the piano. So one night I decided to record a session with us that included a rhythm track. It is a rare moment, captured like our previous sessions - no rehearsal, no music, and no written lyrics... and I think it has some magic despite it's raw edges.